Bills ready for Kaepernick in hunt of four straight

NFL Buffalo

The Bills defense has lead the way to the first three game streak since 2011.

Buffalo has forced nine turnovers and is allowing less than 13 points per game.

Sunday the Bills will face the challenging test of Chip Kelly’s high tempo offense with newly appointed quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

It’s been nearly a year since Kaepernick’s last start in the NFL but with his skills in Kelly’s system, the Bills know they can’t take the 49ers for granted. 

“He has prolific ability, elite ability in this league and he’s shown it and proven it and we don’t want him to start that on us and it’s not like we’re taking this team lightly because they’re 1 and 4,” said NFL sack leader Lorenzo Alexander

Cornerback Stephon Gilmore added, “We know what he can do, ya know he played in a super bowl, took his team to the super bowl. He one of the best running quarterbacks in the league, he got a pretty good arm too you cant go to sleep on that too, so you have to actually get to him”

Sunday will also be part two in the LeSean McCoy- Chip Kelly saga. 

The Bills running back was very vocal of his former coach when he was traded from Philadelphia but is taking the high road this time around and staying out of the drama.

 “I mean I’m sure there’s people you work with that you don’t care to shake their hand and hold long conversations about your children and all that and different activities. But you work with them so, I have no problem with him. I’m just feeling good. The guys up front are blocking really well, we’re winning games and that’s just the main focus. I’m trying to win games in Buffalo,” said McCoy

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