Adam Redmond turning heads on Bills 3rd team offense

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Watch enough of Sean McDermott’s press conferences, and patterns begin emerging.

His tendencies also makes certain comments stand out. When answering a question on Tuesday about the offensive line, McDermott went out of his way to praise a player likely unknown to even diehard Bills fans.

“I’ll say this, Adam Redmond is not taking a back seat, either,” said McDermott. “Right now, he’s working with the threes, but I’ve been impressed to this point in camp as well.”

The Bills added Redmond as a center for their practice squad during the 2017 season. He played four games for the Colts before the Bills claimed him in October. That time in Orchard Park allowed Redmond to work alongside established o-line veterans Eric Wood, Richie Incognito, and Cordy Glenn before they left the team during the offseason.

“Those guys were great players. I felt fortunate to be here when I got here,” said Redmond. “I had a few months with those guys and be around them and take pieces of their game.”

The reality for Redmond is that a 3rd-string center will always be a longshot to make the Bills roster, but he does have supporters. Josh Allen is a fan too, because who would know a center more than his quarterback?

“He’s just never doing the wrong thing. He’s always making sure he’s doing the right thing,” said Allen. “Obviously center is a tough position, snapping the ball and then having to block somebody and movement. He’s handled it tremendously.”

Born and raised outside of Cleveland, Redmond played college football at Harvard. Being smart helps, but Redmond’s effort during training camp is what stands out. McDermott says he is one of the first guys in the building every day.

“It’s to get his mind and body ready to go for a full practice of pads and everything that that entails,” said McDermott. “It’s a battle for these guys and Adam, I think, is off to a great start in camp. He’s battled every rep. What more could you ask?”

2018 marks Redmond’s third training camp and he understands that the grind has just begun.

“I think I had a good first week, but now there’s five more weeks and four preseason games,” said Redmond. “There is a lot of work still to do. I appreciate [McDermott] saying that, but my work has kind of just started.”

Perhaps this may not be the final time Adam Redmond’s name is dropped in a press conference.

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