5 Questions with Robert Woods

NFL Buffalo
Prescott Rossi: “We’ve stopped Robert Woods for this week’s Five Questions, and Rob, you were a multi-sport star in high school, but a lot of people might not know that you played baseball before track & field and football. What was it about baseball that made you fall in love with the game and what made you transition into other sports?
Robert Woods/Bills Wide Receiver: ” Just the game. Going out there and being able to put the bat on the ball. Just fun, playing, being able to go out there and play a different sport and it was fun tracking the ball down.”
PR: “You’re a southern California kid, Dodgers or Angels?”
RW: “Gotta go with the Dodgers. Gotta go with the Dodgers.”
PR: “Any reason why?”
RW: “Just being in LA, go with the Dodgers, go with the Kings.”
PR: “Then you went to USC, one of your teammates, Marqise Lee, you also played with him in high school. You have the Trojans record for career receptions, he has the single season record. You still keep in touch with Marqise, and who is the better receiver?”
RW: “I would say it’s hard to say. We both are talented at separate things, but we definitely had a big splash at USC and just go out there and make plays. We did in high school, we did it in college.”
PR: “Marquise Goodwin in the background with some comments. You guys played at the Coliseum this past weekend, what was that like being able to go back there and play in the same place where you wore the cardinal and gold?”
RW: “Great experience walking down the tunnel again, going out, seeing the fans, great experience running out on the same field I did for three years at USC. But, great experience, great feeling, happy to get a win out there in the Coliseum.”
PR: “This offseason, you returned to USC to finish your degree. In your commencement speech, you took a moment to remember your sister who passed away from cancer. What kind of inspiration did she give you as you completed your education?”
RW: “Just how she lived her life. Always fought. Always competed. Battled cancer for years but never gave up, never quit,  and that’s the inspiration right there in life. Never give up, never quit. You started school, you’re at the finish. Start something, finish something, you must complete it.”
PR: “It’s an inspiring story. I did a deep dive in your instagram and came across some drawings and illustrations you’ve done. Are you in to artwork? Do you do that on the side?”
RW: “It’s just a hobby. Sometimes I’ll paint or draw. I know rookie year, me and Marquise had a Bills logo drawing competition. He actually won, it’s a nice logo, but it’s just a little hobby. Pick somthing up and draw something. Keep your mind going.”
PR: “Maybe you’ll see him in a museum someday. Robert Woods. Five Questions.”

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