Word of Life Case Continues to see Rejects Plea Offers


The Word of Life case moved into its fourth day of decisions, take a plea or go to trial.

It has been a week of rejected pleas in the word of life church case and today that number rose once again. In his return to Oneida County Court Joseph Irwin accused murderer in the Word of Life church beatings case was all smiles as he approached the bench to make his decision

Defendant Linda Morey would then continue the trend.

“The defendants were given an offer to plead guilty to the first and thirteenth count in the indictment with a sentence of 18 years to life and as you just saw they both rejected that offer.” Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said.

“There are certain cases when they happen we almost know within days of the case it’s a case you anticipate will go to trial and this is one of those cases.” McNamara said.

Since its inception, curiosity in the Word of Life case has grabbed national attention- including that of the F.B.I and the U.S Attorney’s office who spoke with McNamara about handing the case over entirely.

“No I will not turn this case over to them, I’ve told them no. “ McNamara said. “We will continue to prepare for trial, we are ready for trial and at this point the next thing they will file motions I anticipate a couple hearings before a trial date can be set.”

These rejected pleas will adjourn the case until next Tuesday, when Bruce Leonard is scheduled to make his decision.

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