Woodstock 50 Files Appeal & Resubmits Application


Process Continues As Time Winds Down

Representatives of Woodstock 50 filed an appeal of the Town of Vernon’s Codes Enforcement Department’s denial of their applications to hold concerts at Vernon Downs on three days in August. The appeal was file Thursday morning at the Vernon Town Hall. Also submitted at that time was a new application for the concert dates.

Woodstock 50 spokesperson Sallie Hofmeister, released the following statement:

Woodstock 50 this morning appealed a decision by the Town of Vernon to turn down a permit needed to hold its 50th Anniversary Festival at Vernon Downs. We also have submitted a comprehensive new application that is nearly 500 pages in length that spells out in great detail our plans for security, traffic and medical emergencies. We believe there was no legal reason for the Town to turn down the original permit application. We hope that for the good of the local and regional economy of central New York and for the health of the Town’s largest employer, Vernon Downs, officials will grant the requested permit on an expedited basis and agree to host what will be a safe, world-class and historic event.

Sallie Hofmeister

Earlier in the week, the Vernon Codes office rejected two applications on behalf of the Woodstock promoters because they failed to meet the required time line. In the letter of denial, the Codes offices pointed to a lack of adequate documentation to show intended compliance with the town’s codes rules.

The appeal of the Codes ruling goes before the Vernon Town Planning Board. The reapplication for a permit to hold the concerts at Vernon Downs goes to the Codes Enforcement Office.

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