ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – For the first time, women have the majority while working on the New York State budget, creating advancements in the representation of females in state government moving forward.

“Not just having them hold certain offices but having such a direct influence over a policy that will literally affect millions,” said Gbemende Johnson, Associate Professor of Government at Hamilton College.

Research shows that gender does impact policymaking. Research shows that women legislatures tend to emphasize education, health care, and poverty issues. Professor Johnson explains that we may see these topics come up in the budget conversation due to the female influence. This transition of leadership is also impactful after the Cuomo era.

“Now you have the opportunity to see a very different type of leadership that perhaps some individuals would have had a hard time envisioning. there is a different way in which one can still lead and govern and interact with constituents it’s not necessarily what we are used to but still just as effective,” said Johnson.

Over time, across the country, we have seen an increase in women holding office. Looking toward the November elections we could see this number rise.

“Apart of that is more women running for office you have organizations that are set up to recruit women. They need encouragement to see say hey you should consider this,” said Johnson.

When it comes to recruiting women to run for office, Johnson says that seeing the representation in a leadership position, and the impact they make will encourage the next generation of female leaders.

“It signals to you this office is accessible to someone like me or someone with a background like me because when I look around the room I see women not only holding office but they are also in leadership positions,” said Johnson.