Woman Details State Site Vaccine Experience: Says She Was Told Her Comorbidity Wasn’t Eligible


(WUTR-TV) — Earlier this week a woman who wished to stay anonymous, says she had an appointment at SUNY Poly to receive her first round of the COVID vaccine. After traveling over 2 hours to the site, she was told her comorbidity wasn’t eligible under the state’s new requirements.

“The first thing she asked me was like well what makes you eligible for the vaccine? I said obesity starting today like that’s why I was able to make the appointment. She was like oh everyone in New York state is obese. That doesn’t give you a reason to have the vaccine.” – Anonymous SUNY Poly Vaccine Patient

According to the state’s website, that’s not true. Last week Governor Cuomo announced that beginning February 14th, anyone with a comorbidity or underlying health condition could sign up to get the vaccine. This includes obesity. The woman explains that she also came with the necessary documentation.

“I showed up at my appointment time with all the proper paperwork including my ticket that had the barcode that showed that i had an appointment and along with the certification that i had certified online that i do indeed have a comorbidity.” – Anonymous SUNY Poly Vaccine Patient

The woman says that the staff wouldn’t accept these documents so she called her doctor’s office for more paperwork detailing her weight and bmi. After an hour and half of speaking with staff she was finally able to get vaccinated, but says the entire ordeal was embarrassing.

“It was honestly a really embarrassing situation to have to stand there and shout about my medical records and being fat enough to qualify.” – Anonymous SUNY Poly Vaccine Patient

The woman fears that she wasn’t the only person turned away.

The New York State Department of Health issued a statement in response to the woman’s situation at SUNY Poly. It says: “To be clear, no one was turned away today over an eligibility disagreement regarding comorbidity or other health status. Everyone who received a shot must provide proof of their eligibility — for those with comorbidities or health conditions. They must only complete an attestation form. As the Governor has said, the system will be audited to ensure it is not being abused and vaccines are being used properly.” – New York State Department of Health

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