Winter weather hasn’t been easy for area snowmobile trail groomer

Winter weather hasn't been easy for area snowmobile trail groomer_1180643366603607197

Many snow enthusiasts will say this winter is way betterthan the last.

But, with the freezing and thawing we’ve been experiencingfor the past couple of months, it’s hasn’t been easy for some.

It hasn’t been an easy task for one Camden trail groomer. Agrooming run usually takes five to six hours.  With the freezing and melting we’ve beenexperiencing, he says it’s been tough to get the job done.

“When you can’t get a total freeze up to begin with thereare constant mud holes,” explained Ted Gay, a trail groomer and Board member ofTC Riders.

The Camden TC Riders Snowmobiling Club has been dragging inmud into its grooming barn.

Gay says parts of the snowmobiling trail gets groomed everyday. But, with the ever-changing weather in Central New York, it’s been adifferent story.

 “You go from snowdown to rocks, start all over again. You get some more snow and build anotherbase and more warm weather and more rain you have to build another base,” saidGay. Which has been a headache for Ted.

“We should have two feet on the level and up here inthe woods 4 ft. common. Right now you’re lucky to have it cover the tops ofyour boots,” said Gay.

During the last melt, much of the trails were washed out, closingparts of the trail in Camden.

And without the snow, the grooming machine cannot do its jobwhich is to keep the snow packed on the trails.

“You pack it just like you would pack a snowball. Youend up with loose snow and you pack it into a snowball. Now you got somethingyou can throw. You take loose snow and roll it around in here and pack it witha pan and now it’s hard to ride on,” explained Gay.

Ted says you want a base that is six inches to 2 feet deep. Butit’s been difficult to keep it that way this season.

Ted also tells Eyewitness News the freezing and melting cannot only damage the trails, but, it is also a safety issue for snowmobilers.

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