Will Smith Remembered


Guy Puleo,Will Smith’s Coach at Proctor says,
“Will was a once in a lifetime guy. Talent like his doesn’t come around very much. He was a guy that, when you needed plays to be made, Will made the plays.”

Jerry Fiorini, one of the Assistant Coaches at Proctor during Will’s High School career adds,
“Without a doubt, Will was the most humble athlete we had. And it goes to show, I was a big part of his foundation. And setting up the: ‘Where there’s a Will, there’s a way’, and with the football camps and the dinner, he has never hesitated once when we called on him to come back. “

Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri adds, “It’s a loss. These kids. Where they’ll be someone else to replace him, probably not. But I think its up to us that there’s some hope for these kids out there. And we continue to do the best we can. We’ll never be able to do it as well as will was able to do, but that we don’t let that die.”

Fiorini adds, “You know, when you reflect, I always reflect back as what he did as a player, until I sat and listened to coach, and coach had some great memories of taking him through the recruiting process, which coach Puleo was a big part of. And for myself it’s the camps and seeing him with the little kids and them looking up to him as a role model.”

And to describe Smith in one word, Puleo: “Phenomenal. Both athletically and as a person. Phenomenal would fit it.”

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