Whitesboro resident uneasy about Sandy

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It’s been over a year, and Whitesboro resident, Rocky Kiley is still feeling pain in his pocketbook after Irene and Lee left him with $23,000 in damages.

“The basement was completely flooded, the electric box was blown out because it was submerged in water,” said Kiley.

And now with Hurricane Sandy expected to impact Central New York, Kiley’s not taking any chances.

“We’re not going to be beat by this. We have a lot of food, canned food, snacks, water,” he said.

Along with residents, Whitesboro officials have prepared in the village even before anticipating Sandy.

“We’ve received a D.O.L. grant, which is a Department of Labor grant, and they went through and cleaned all of the creek from the Town of Paris all the way down to the Village of Whitesboro, all 26 miles,” said Village Trustee, Dave Glenn.

Last year, it was flooding from the Sauquoit Creek that caused a lot of the damage in Whitesboro.

And while you can’t completely prevent flooding, Glenn says cleaning it out should help the water go down the creek smoothly.

But, Rocky Kiley says if he has to deal with another flooding situation, he’s moving out.

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