Whitesboro Flood Meeting Thursday Night



Residents are still dealing with the aftermath of the Halloween Flood. Since then, FEMA has denied individual assistance to flood victims. The Whitesboro Water Warriors have come together to host a flood meeting on Thursday, February 27.

The Whitesboro Water Warriors are a group of 15 citizens and elected officials who’ve come together to try and create a solution for the Whitesboro Residents.

Chairman of the organization, Ron Loubier, says, “The main purpose of that meeting is to let the residents know what we are doing. It’s an informational meeting. Are there a whole lot of answers right now, no. It’s a long process and what we’re trying to do is just keep them updated as far as where we are, what we’re doing and you know, what we can do.”

The meeting will take place at 7pm in the Whitesboro Middle School Auditorium.

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