BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Did you abandon your vehicle in one of the harder-hit areas during the snowstorm?

It’s probably been towed, and now waiting for you at the McKinley Mall. The Erie County Department of Public Works says that once the travel ban in south Buffalo is lifted, people can go get their vehicles at the Sears parking lot at the mall.

For reference, the McKinley Mall is located at 3701 McKinley Parkway in Buffalo.

The list is quite extensive. It includes a number of vehicles with non-New York license plates, too, including some from Canada, South Carolina and Florida, among others. There’s a trailer there, as well.

Tony Schneider, a plow truck driver, told News 4 “I think this is a great idea, quite frankly. Anybody that says ‘Well, you damaged my car towing it.’ Well, you shouldn’t have been driving it. That’s the response they should give. I think it’s great they put it in one spot.”

To see the full list, and check if your car is on it, click or tap here.

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