No one ever plans on needing surgery – but if and when you do, it doesn’t hurt to have options.A new surgical center opened its doors in Westmoreland Monday , providing an alternative to the hospital.

  “So this is the grand opening of Apex Surgical Center… pretty much  all cases that you can do in a surgery center and not have them stay over night. ” Geoffrey Smith, an administrator with Apex said.

    Apex is strategically placed right off the NYS Thruway and provides central New Yorkers with access to same day surgery;eliminating the need to travel out of the area by providing local access to specialized surgeons.

    ” The experience is much better then going to a hospital. It’s faster turn around time. there is also a lesser risk of  contracting any type of infection. They will also get a staff that is dedicated specifically to procedures we do day in and day out.”  Smith said.

   The facility will be mostly used for orthopedic surgeries but also branches off into a pain management center and will certain plastic surgery procedures, all with the new state of the art equipment.

” I think it is a beautiful facility. i think it is an asset to have in the area. I know it is the trend or way of the future and i just anticipate more areas and buildings like this to be made as time goes on. ”  Mary Beth Cappelli RN said.

  Apex is now fully operational and if you are in need of their services you can call for a consultation with one of the 12 local surgeons on staff.