Western gets hit hard yet again, as flash flooding causes damage to the town


WESTERN, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) — The Town of Western can’t catch a break as it was hit hard yet again by bad weather.

Flash flooding earlier today took out houses, trees and windows in the town. The repeated damage to homes from the recent tornado and flooding has left people feeling defeated.

“The people in the community that you serve and stuff to see their hardships that they have and we really take it to heart and how they are suffering from repeated storms and stuff like that,” Mike Anania, Fire Chief at Volunteer Fire Company of Western, said of the recent devastation.

The Volunteer Fire Company of Western is no stranger to flooding, and because of recent incidents, they knew exactly where the problem areas were and what to expect.

“We kind of knew the areas that were going to be inundated,” Anania said. “So we kind of monitor them so that gave us the ability to do the water rescues on our own, being that we were a little more proactive on it and understanding what was going to happen.”

The fire company did six water rescues this morning on River Road and South Hill Road. One home was almost completely washed out to sea. This devastation is trying on residents and volunteers alike.

“You know we see what they go through and the cleanups that they have and the frustrations and stuff and that’s why we’re out there to help the community in their time of need,” Anania said. 

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