Growing up Boeheim


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Since Buddy Boeheim could walk, the spotlight has always been on him.  Pushing Buddy to succeed every step of the way has been his brother, Jimmy.

Jimmy Boeheim said, “I was never going to take it easy on him. Number one, because I am a competitor and I hate losing more than anything. Number two, I always knew that it would make him better.”

“When we played, it was a fight. I always ended up in tears and he would usually win. It was frustrating for me, but having that pushed me even more,” Buddy said.

Twin sister Jamie, though, has a different take on those family battles.

“We used to play horse against each other all the time. I would lose every single game. I would run upstairs crying, I am never playing against you again. That was pretty difficult for me. I knew he was such a better shooter than me growing up,” she recalled.

Buddy said, “She’s like my best friend. It was great having her around ‘cause when me and my brother would fight, I would just go hang out with her and we would gang up on Jimmy.  So that was nice to have like a partner in crime.”

Basketball isn’t the only love though for Buddy.

Jimmy Boeheim said, “If you go in his room, he’s got like 100 different Sponge Bob figurines, stuffed animals, whatever you name it. I mean, he loves Legos. He gets Legos every single Christmas. I mean he is just a little kid.”

Now the coaches kid is shinning on college basketball’s biggest stage.

Jamie Boeheim said,”Seeing someone so close to you work so hard for something their whole life and all he ever thought and wanted to do was play at Syracuse.”

Jimmy Boeheim said, “I think I am enjoying it as much as anyone. He deserves it more than anyone. He works harder than anyone I have ever seen. What he has been doing in the post season is truly special. It is crazy.  It makes me proud.”

A special bond, shared by the Boeheim family. 

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