Voters Will Decide Whether To Shrink The Size Of The Board Of Legislators

Voters Will Decide Whether To Shrink The Size Of The Board Of Legislators_2035893950594106547

Some Oneida County voters might notice some propositions on the back of their ballots.

Voters will decide whether to reduce the size of the board of legislators from 29 to 23 members. Supporters say the move will save taxpayers money and is cost-efficient. But opponents say with more area to cover, legislators will not be as effective.

“We try to consolidate what we do in government. This is one more way. And symbolically if we can’t cut our board by 6, then how can we impose it on other functions of governments?” says George Joseph, Republican majority leader.

“We have 371 million dollar budget this year. That needs people that have eyes and ears to look at it. If you start cutting the board, you’re gonna get a poorer response which will reflect on citizens of that district, they’re not gonna know what’s going on,” says Frank Tallarino, Democratic minority leader.

If the vote is passed, we’re told taxpayers will save about $50,000 dollars per year. But opponents add that legislators only make about $8,300 dollars per year without benefits, and they say this proposition will not be that cost efficient.

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