Vaccination Decals for Businesses and Residents


Businesses and residents in Oneida County can apply for a “We’re Vaccinated” decal through the Oneida County’s Website. Eyewitness News spoke with a local business owner who is proud to have his displayed on his front door after a trying year.

“First of all you need to have both your vaccines, once that’s completed, we went onto the Oneida County Website. They ask information in regards to your vaccines. Plug in all your information and they register you through the county, telling you that you’ve been approved and then they send you a decal.” —Ed Lasek, Owner of Optical World

Last year, things were much different for Lasek’s business.

“A lot of the prescriptions weren’t coming in the door because a lot of doctors weren’t examining eyes at the time. So we did pretty much shut down for a few weeks until things started to get somewhat back to normal.”

Oneida County Executive, Anthony Picente is encouraging everyone to get vaccinated, he says that’s how we will get through this pandemic.

“We’re over 70 thousand in Oneida county that have received first doses. The more that people see that people are vaccinated, when we put the decals on their door fronts, you know people will be comfortable about going to businesses, whether it’s restaurants or retail or any other type of services. It’ll just provide that comfort zone and encourage people to get vaccinated.”—Anthony Picente, Oneida County Executive

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