Utica’s Flood Mitigation Efforts


UTICA, N.Y. (WFXV-TV) — Almost a year later, communities throughout the Mohawk Valley are still recovering from the Halloween flood in 2019. This year, Utica’s budget included funding specifically for repairing parts of the city damaged by the storm.

“It’s our funding, money that was already appropriated in other areas that we’ve taken throughout the budget to accommodate roughly $250,000 of in kind service of. A number of our DPW employees and our parks employees and our engineers have done a great job, but that’s all been funded through the City of Utica.” – Mayor Robert Palimeri (D)-Utica

The city and it’s engineers went to various parts of Utica to determine which projects should be completes. Some of these include repairs on Mapledale Avenue, Elmdale Avenue, Brookside Avenue, Albany Street and Bleecker Street.

“The plan and we implemented the plan. It was North Utica, South Utica, east, west and Cornhill. All throughout we’ve done different things as far as either putting new draining in, cleaning, televising all different things so we’re prepared for a moderate rain storm,” – Mayor Robert Palimeri (D)-Utica

The city has also partnered with some neighboring towns on projects to help prevent extreme flooding in the future.

“Whatever we can do at this point where it affects Utica to help the slow of that, so it doesn’t create a catastrophe in Whitestown, we’re a part of that overall partnership. As far a Oneida Street, we’re working with New Hartford at this time. We’ve put in a new pipe and drainage up there. Looking for them to kind of slow that water on the same principle so it doesn’t come all at one point. It’s the partnerships we’ve put together that hopefully we could reduce the flooding but probably not eliminate it.” – Mayor Robert Palimeri (D)-Utica

Mayor Palimieri says the city will continue to invest in these resources so that they’re as prepared as possible for the next major flood.

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