Utica’s D.R.I. Application


City Seeks $10 Million Grant To Revitalize Downtown

New York State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative allows municipalities the chance to renovate their downtowns. Each region across the state sees one winning applicant.

The City of Utica applied, and they are looking to use $10 million in DRI grant funding to upgrade the Genesee Street corridor.

The DRI application also outlines a proposal to make Genesee Street a two lane road, instead of four.

The reconfiguration is well over a year away, says Mayor of Utica, Rob Palmieri.

Several projects would be beneficiaries of renovations including the top floors Hotel Utica, and the Old Boston store.

The City’s proposed DRI investment amounts to $19 million.

Eyewitness News reporter Ben Dennis has more information.

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