Utica’s Common Council Changes Term Limits for City’s Officials


CITY OF UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV ) — Today the City of Utica announced changes made to a local law about term limits for all elected officers. The decision was made by members of the Common Council.

“They went back to the terms of 8 years collectively for the members of the common council, which are 2 year terms for a duration of 4. For the President of the Common Council, the mayor and the city comptroller would be two 4 year terms.” – Mayor Robert Palmieri, (D)-Utica

Local Law #6 also states that a person that’s served the maximum consecutive terms, can run for that same position after one term has elapsed. However, these changes won’t go into effect until January 1, 2022.

“So, it really won’t affect any of the elected officials as of today. Everyone will be what we considered grandfathered in.” – Mayor Robert Palmieri, (D)-Utica

For now, Mayor Palmieri says the city’s officials should shift their focus back to what’s most important.

“There’s so many things in front of us, I didn’t see this as a priority, but it’s behind us. . . Let’s put our emphasis and our energy into what’s in front of us, and it is the pandemic.” – Mayor Robert Palmieri, (D)-Utica

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