Utica’s Back The Blue Rally


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — ‘Back The Blue’ protesters came together in front of the Utica Police Department Memorial wall to show support and give thanks to local law enforcement.

“We’re all praying together recognizing that the tragedy that happened to George Floyd is honored but also that we’re making sure that violence is not the answer to what’s been happening in our communities.” Claudia Tenney, 22nd District Congressional Candidate

The peaceful gathering praised law enforcement for their efforts and service to the public. Their message advocates peace and working together as a community.

“It’s really about protecting lives and remembering that police are not the enemies in this… I think people are little stressed out because of the pandemic and the quarantine and loss of business, loss of social interactions. They’re trying to bring some faith to this message and say let’s work together. Let’s not tear things down.” – Claudia Tenney, 22nd District Congressional Candidate

22nd District Congressional Candidate Claudia Tenney says she’s hoping this rally will shine a positive light on law enforcement and bring residents closer together.

“I would like to see them continue and urge the police to get training to be safe, to make sure that we’re working with our communities and understanding them and making sure that the people who need protection in our communities…. and we bridge the gap that seems to have been created.” – Claudia Tenney, 22nd District Congressional Candidate

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