The Impact of Development – When Will We Feel It?


It seems no matter where you go…Empty buildings occupy Main Street across the country. However, over the last few months the City of Utica has placed several empty buildings back on the tax roll. Now the question is when will the community see the impact of this development?

Mayor Robert Palmieri says, “If you’re asking where the fruits are, the fruits are upon us. The shovels are in the ground and economic development is on the rebound. I would venture to guess at this point we probably have more new developments in the city than we’ve had in the last 15-20 years.”

A number of vacant buildings in the city will be filled including the Harza building and now the former HSBC building. Plus with the comets coming back to Utica, Palmieri says development within the city is at an all-time high during his administration. And the mayor says the area will see more expendable money as a result of the development.

The Mayor added, “You’ll see economic development almost starting in August because there’s going to be purchase of materials, there’s going to be people who are hired. There’s more expendable money coming into. So immediately before we see the jobs, permanent jobs, you’re going to see the expendable money being used as a vibrant area.”

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