The AUD to Receive Allocated Funds from New York State

The AUD to Receive Allocated Funds from New York State_5367969467092717554

The newstate budget could be a signal to the return of professional hockey to Central NewYork. The AUD was ahead of its time and has housed hockey teams for years. Nowthe historic building is slated to get 2 million dollars from the state forupgrades.

Assemblyman AnthonyBrindisi says, “But it’s not guaranteed, it’s really just a placeholder atthis point in time.”

            A line in the 2013-14 budget represents not even pennieson the dollar. In fact, the best comparison may be a drop in a bucket.  Assemblyman AnthonyBrindisi says the AUD asked for the money to improve the roof and facade. Thiscomes on the heels of whispers of professional hockey making a return.

AssemblymanBrindisi says,”It can certainly improve the chances. We’d love to see a team come backto the area. Certainly that would be a good step in moving Utica forward andrevitalizing our area. To have a professional hockey team back here would meana lot.”

            The assemblyman says the AUD is a major asset to the areaand has a huge economic impact. And although there’s no official word on a proteam returning it could be a game changer.

TheAssemblyman added, “Wedo have a proud tradition of hockey, it’s a great sport and we’d love to see aprofessional team come back to the area, but as of right now that hasn’t beendetermined.”

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