Mayor Palmieri Holds Public Budget Meeting

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4 years ago the City of Uticaemployed 630 people…Today that number is down to 510…And the mayor’s2013-2014 budget proposal will cut ten of those positions. No cuts will come to public safety, a point the Mayor sayshe proud of.

                Palmieri says, “I think we put together a structurallya very sound budget together at the least cost to the public and stillproviding the best services that are out there for public safety, keeping ourstreets clean and safe.”

            Last year city residents saw taxes go up 9.9%. This yearMayor Palmieri is proposing nearly a third of that number and someresidents say they’re ok with that. Maureen Williams of Utica says, “Havinglived here almost 70 years now, I know the city has undergone rapid changes inmy life time, so whatever he can do I give him a lot of credit.”

            Gene Quadraro of Utica added, “It was a pleasantsurprise, you know all along you’re hearing double digit increases and 3.75sounds encouraging. Again hopefully the common council can take a look at itand see what they can do for further reductions or increase the revenue. But it’sbetter than where I thought we would be at this point.”

                The mayor says this year’s budget is all about economicdevelopment and he has high hopes for the economic future of Utica. “Ihave a number of initiative that I would hope within the next month or 2 monthswill be popping that will show that the City of Utica is back.”

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