Former Davis Motel Denied Zoning Variance

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The former Davis Motel isunder new ownership and tonight the City of Utica Zoning Board reviewed anapplication to allow new owner to operate16 efficiency apartments and 6 motelrooms. But a 2-2 tie means the new motel owner — Oneida Housing Incorporated– has to go back to the drawing board.

            North Utica Resident Ron Vincent says, “I’m glad it’s beendenied. I have no qualms about the gentleman opening up a business; we justwanted to make sure that this wasn’t going to happen in another motel in NorthUtica.”

            CouncilmanAt-Large Jim Zecca says, “I think it’s a relief to the folks here tonightthat that is the case. Right now this is the best we can do according to whatwas recommended to the zoning board of appeals unfortunately.”

            The representation for the new owner was outnumberedtonight by dozens of residents. And many of the issues residents say they haveproblems with spawned from the murder of former motel owner Linda Turner. Nowthey say their concern has grown over this issue.

                Mr. Vincentadded, “We’vehad a problem with sex offenders in our Motels in North Utica, we just don’twant to have a lot of motel where the county is putting sex offenders.”

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