Discussion over Homeless Sex Offenders Continued Tonight

Discussion over Homeless Sex Offenders Continued Tonight_-8955284462432269755

Emotionswere high as this remains to be a hot button issue. About 30 residents and adozen city and county officials were in attendance tonight. Questions includedcurrent laws and how homeless are placed. According to the county, areashelters and motels are allowed to refuse homeless people. But one North Uticaresident asked how can so-called shelters deny the homeless, but a communitycannot. And officials say they are working on solutions to the ongoing issues.

CouncilwomanSamantha Colosimo-Testasays, “You can take the person’s name you can put it into the sex offenderregistry and you can find out whether the person’s a sex offender or not thenyou use your discretion on where you want to house them. I think there’s a lotof misinformation most definitely. This is going to be a follow meeting betweenthe city and the county to discuss some of the same issues we’ve beendiscussing for quite some time now.”

            At tonight’s two hour meeting county officials did saythe homeless problem has become overwhelming. But they also say they’re open toany idea’s to help solve the issue.

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