Buckley Pool Back Open

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“We’re open forbusiness and guys…enjoy the pool!” It’s beentwo weeks since a broken pump kept utican’s from enjoying the summer traditionof swimming. But thanks to private citizens and the Community Foundation of Herkimerand Oneida counties Buckley Pool is back open. For lifetime Utica resident KarenRetamar having the pool open again is special tradition she now shares with hergrandsons.

Retamarsays, “Ohit’s wonderful! Thank God for all the people that donated the money to open thepool again.”

Her grandson JademRetamar says, “Because it’s more room, it feels cool for hot days liketoday, it’s the best pool in Utica.”

            Uticaresident Vanessa Curzao says, “I’m glad that they opened it back up forpeople who don’t have transportation, you know it’s close you can walk downhere and just relax with the kids and have a good time.”

            Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri says he’s not surprisedsomeone stepped up and helped out because Utica is a city that gives back.

            The firstterm Mayor says, “Whatit does mean is that you have generations upon generations who have come hereand their roots..what they have taken from this community and the greatrelationships that they’ve build over the years and they weren’t going to letthat go for some other generation and they stepped forward.”

            Utica resident Carmen Quiros says, “Iused to come here when I was like 9 years old and I used to live in theprojects and I loved it and now that I’ve been here this is the first timesince I’ve been a little girl and it feels great.”

            Buckley Pool was only shut down for two weeks and duringthat time some in Utica were forced to use other city pools.

            Debbie Cordero of Utica says, “Buckley Poolclosed so we we’re going to Addison Miller Pool for two weeks and we’re veryhappy to be back here, it’s a beautiful place and we’re glad that the pool gotfixed.”

            And thanks to generous donations hundreds of Utican’s canonce again enjoy a little bit of summertime fun.

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