Another Vacant Property Sold

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    From overgrown weeds andscrubs, to graffiti on the facade. The owner of Tony’s Pizza is hoping totransform the former cosmopolitan center into this….a healthy moneymakingbusiness. Today Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri confirmed the sale of anothervacant property owned by the city.

                The Mayor says, “We’re taking a building that has beensomewhat taken off the tax rolls a building that is need of repair that hasbeen vacant for over 8 years and this year we’ve been aggressively trying tomarket the building.”

                The mayor says he had others interested in the property and saysthese plans are a great fit for the city’s vision.

                Palmieri added, “I think this was just a natural venuefor them, something that was beneficial for them, but more importantlyextremely beneficial for the city and what it’s going to offer our city.”

            Currently the building is in rough condition and aproject assistant for tony says it could take hundreds of thousands to restorebut they see it as a worthwhile investment.

                Frank Cristiano, the project assistant says, “Putting themoney in there will be a no brainer because we expect to get some immediateresults from being right next door to the Utica Auditorium itself, part of thatBagg’s West downtown area development as well with future sites going up itshould sort of buffer what we do.”

                Thecity says it has a three year plan to begin development in Bagg Square West andFrank says they are more than happy to help breathe new life into the City of Utica.

                Cristiano continued, “You can’t give up on things that arehappening down there, to progress we need more people to get involved. You knowwe’re taking a shot, but sometimes those are the best things that happen whenyou go out there on a limb and try to extend and do something good.”

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