Utica Teen Takes Plea Deal in Brinckerhoff Fatal Shooting


A Utica teenager will not go to trial for the murder of 29-year-old Christopher Bush this summer.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd was in Oneida County Court this morning and kicks off our crime watch this evening.

18-year-old Elijah Brown  was originally charged with murder, but after today’s proceedings- and the acceptance of a plea deal- first degree manslaughter is the conviction on the table.

In Oneida County Court, Elijah Brown agreed with Judge Barry Donalty that he intended to cause serious physical injury to Christopher Bush-and caused his death on August 12th.  Pleading guilty to first degree manslaughter, receiving 15 years in state prison and 5 years post supervision.

“That’s the allegation, manslaughter in the first degree if amended, do you admit that to be true?”  Yes.”

Christopher Bush and Elijah Brown agreed to trade a handgun for money and drugs. But that’s when things went wrong.

“And at one point you had the gun in your possession did you not?”  “Yes.”

“And you show Mr. Bush and that resulted in his death, is that true?”  “Yes.”

Brown went on to say that he only knew Christopher bush from “the streets” and the plan was to meet on 1300 block of Brinckerhoff Ave in Cornhill between two or three in the afternoon.  

“Mr. Brown texted him his location and basically walked Mr. Bush to where he was at 1303 and once they were there, my understanding is that there was a dispute that resulted in Mr. Brown shooting Mr. Bush twice in the back causing his death.”

Elijah Brown is back in court for his sentencing on December 16th.

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