Utica Protest Is Peaceful, Large Crowd


Walmart Closed In North Utica, Rumors Of Violence Untrue

A peaceful protest took place Sunday afternoon in Utica. The protest was in support of nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd. The organizers of the protest and march were Citizen Action and Indivisible Mohawk Valley. The organizing point was Kemble Park in the Cornhill section of the city. From there protesters walked north to Oneida Square.

The size of the Utica crowd was substantial, numbering close to a thousand. The crowd was quite diverse in age and ethnicity. Once the marchers arrived at the roundabout at Oneida Square, several speakers addressed the crowd. Utica Police are said to have escorted the protesters in their march.

There have been protests across the country in the aftermath of the death of Mr. Floyd, while in police custody in Minneapolis, last week. Many cities have seen their protests turn violent. Cities that have experienced violent protests includes Syracuse, Albany, Rochester and Buffalo.

There have been rumors of violent incidents in the Mohawk Valley. The Walmart in North Utica has been closed. Police say that the closure was precautionary, due to threats. There were rumors of acts of violence at that Walmart. Utica Police say that there have been no incidents like those that have been rumored in the community.

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