Utica Police Reports an Increase in Gun Violence and Illegal Firearms


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — After only 2 months into the new year, so far Utica’s police department has already reported more shootings than year past.

“In the month of January alone when we compared 2019 stats we had 9 confirmed shots fired. During the month of January this year, we had 40. So, we’re seeing a rise in gunfire.” – Chief Mark Williams, Utica Police Department

We asked Chief Mark Williams what could be causing more gun violence?

“The pandemic is a big part there’s no question about it. I mean just to kind of keep people accountable for their actions, only make arrests especially when they commit and felony arrest. Courts are closed, grand juries are shut down. So, now these people aren’t facing the consequences of their actions.” – Chief Mark Williams, Utica Police Department

Since January 1st, Utica Police has taken 23 illegal firearms from the streets. Chief Williams says he’s proud of the department’s work but knows that means there’s even more guns out there.

“There’s another side of me that’s kind of sad about it because it just gives the idea of how many guns are in the hands of people who shouldn’t have it.” – Chief Mark Williams, Utica Police Department

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