Utica Police Remember Fallen Thomas Lindsey 9 Years Later


9 years ago today, Utica Policeman Thomas Lindsey was shot and killed in the line of duty.  Eyewitness News reporter Nicole Todd talked to Utica police today on how they remember their fallen patrolman.

April 12th is a somber day at the Utica Police Department.  After nine years, they still keep Officer Thomas Lindsey in their thoughts.

“Tom’s not too far from our thoughts.  Everybody knows what April 12th is from year to year.  You walk past the Memorial Wall and that exists mainly because of Tom’s death.  And we also honor the other officers that have lost their life in the line of duty.  But walking past that wall whether the officers are walking in or changing shifts, it’s a reminder of the dangers of this job on a daily basis.  Going downstairs to the locker room, there’s a large picture of Tom right there.  You go into the men’s locker room and we still have his personal belongings encased in glass as a reminder to the other offices that we’ve hired.  We live with Toms death every day, I mean if you walk around this department you’ll see reminders and pictures of tom throughout this department because we don’t want him to be forgotten,” said Utica Police Chief, Mark Williams.

They’re reminded every day in roll call.  There is a seat is roll call that he sat in everyday that no one is allowed to sit in so they get that reminder everyday they come in and we just explain to them the type of person he was what type pf person we expect them to be and that’s in the mold of tom,” said Lieutenant Bryan Coromato.

There is also a foundation in Officer Lindsey’s name that offers events throughout the year in the community to keep his memory alive. 

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