UTICA, NY (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – Utica Police arrested a 17-year-old juvenile after he was caught breaking into a vehicle and stealing several bags.

Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of Blandina Street at approximately 5:15 pm on Thursday, April 6, regarding an in-progress break in of someone’s vehicle. The caller stated that she witnessed someone enter her vehicle and take several bags from it, which contained computers, cell phones, and her purse. When the victim confronted the male, he ran away.

Officers arrived on the scene and spotted the male matching the description the victim gave, and he ran again. He led officers on a chase through several backyards in the area. Eventually, police were able to apprehend the juvenile.

He has been charged with fourth-degree Grand Larceny, a felony.