Utica man in police custody after attempting to rob a bank with a toilet plunger

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A Utica man is in police custody tonight after reportedlytrying to rob a bank earlier today in Utica.

This all happened at Key Bank on the corner of Hopper andGenesee Streets.

But, this serious crime has some community membersEyewitness News spoke with laughing about situation.

“I hope he has a good time in jail,” says Ben Gaetano of NewHartford.

49-year-old Lawrence Deptola of Utica is now charged withattempted robbery after police say he tried to rob several banks on Genesee Street.

But, what’s striking about this incident is his choice ofweapon, a plunger.

“A plunger really, really? I mean if someone has a gun it’sa different animal,” said John Luciano.

Police say Deptola threatened the bank teller at Key Bankwith a toilet plunger, demanding money.

“I think it’s dumb, hilarious and genius. And as long as noone gets hurt it’s a wonderful thing,” said Gaetano.

Although this serious crime may be humorous to some, SergeantSteve Hauck of the UPD says this could have turned much worse.

“You know officers are responding to these calls. They don’tknow what the person’s armed with. All you know is that someone goes into abank and attempts to rob it. You just have to assume that they’re armed,” saidSgt. Hauck.

But, Sgt. Hauck says he understands why people may find it funny.The toilet plunger was found across the street at the Citizens Bank. Luckily, there were noreported injuries in this incident.

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