UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Utica Police department is reporting that a man has been arrested on illegal weapons charges after entering a Walmart with a modified weapon.

Around 10:00pm on Tuesday October 26th, the UPD was alerted that a man was acting suspiciously at the Walmart in North Utica. Customers in the store said that they saw what allegedly appeared to be a handgun in the man’s waist and notified the stores staff, who then contacted the police.

UPD wasted no time in getting to the scene. When they arrived, they found the man who would later be identified as 28-year-old Ryan Doliver of Utica, now outside in the parking lot. As they began to speak with Doliver, a search of the immediate area was also being conducted, resulting in the discovery of a BB gun underneath a nearby storage container. 

As the investigation continued, Officers learned that Doliver was also allegedly seen discarding a book bag inside, prompting a more thorough search of the store. Fortunately, the bag in question was located. It was partially open, and the “handle of a sawed-off shotgun” and ammunition was immediately visible from the outside. Upon further inspection, police determined that the gun was illegally modified to less than 26 inches in length.

Ryan Doliver has been arrested and charged with the following:

  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree
  • Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree
  • Criminal Possession of a Firearm

Eyewitness News will continue to inform you of any updates as they are released.