Utica Man Accused of Double Murder Still Awaiting Psychiatric Report


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — This morning, the Utica man accused of killing and dismembering his grandmother and landlord appeared in court.

In January of last year, 30-year-old Naythen Aubain was charged with two counts of first degree murder and deemed competent to stand trial. In March the defense submitted a psychiatric report to determine his mental capacity during the crime.

The prosecution’s mental health report was due in April but it’s still incomplete. Today, prosecutors said they’re still waiting for Aubain’s mental health records and results from drug testing. Judge Bauer asked Aubain’s attorney to submit a judicial subpoena to speed up the process and get these documents sooner.

Aubain will appear back in court October 15th for the complete psychiatric report.

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