When you hear “Utica Greens,” you probably think of the signature dish of the Utica region. But Emily Moschowits wants you to think of growing your own greens, with the help of her new organization. 

“Utica Greens is a new non-profit that works with local urban gardens throughout the city of Utica. We try to help create a network of these gardens so they are more sustainable, both environmental and financially, by sharing resources and information,” said Utica Greens founder, Emily Moschowits.

Her organization all started because of a program she was involved with while studying at Hamilton College.

“When I was a student, I learned about the local food issues in Utica through an internship program, where i met great people in the community who were doing a lot of this work,” said Moschowits. “I saw a need for the gardens to be connected, and I decided to step in and help. That’s how it all started.”

Utica Greens not only works with local community gardens, but it also teams up with the Cornell Cooperative Extension to promote healthy cooking at the Utica Public Library. William Rankin likes to visit the library for cooking tips. He is also an avid gardener.

“It keeps me going in an activity that is useful. I like to grow things and share it with the Rescue Mission, the Food Bank, and that sort of thing,” said Rankin.

The food you grow in the community gardens can either be kept for yourself or you can sponsor a local organization and donate the food to them.