Utica Dance Learns Broadway Routine


Today Utica Dance students learned a routine from a cast member of the hit show ’42nd Street’.   Eyewitness News Reporter Nicole Todd has the preview with the dance class.

“Essentially when I teach a class like this, I want them to get the essence of the show and the essence of Randy Skinners style so that they can understand why we do the movement we do when they see the show,” said Sarah Fagan, ensemble in 42nd Street.

Broadway Utica brings shows to the area of all kind.  Having a performer teach a dance class is one of the many ways the cast and crew interact with future Broadway stars.

“That’s what we really enjoy doing, offering an educational experience in addition to just entertaining so we are more than an entertaining source for the community,” said Courtney Taurisano-Sprague, Marketing and PR for Broadway Utica.

In the dance world, it’s a rule you never miss a show. These dancers see the famous Tony Award nominated tap show and apply it to their own style as they grow as dancers.

“We have some very solid intermediate students and some advanced students who are real Broadway hopefuls.  We have two or three students in there who really want to aspire to perform in Broadway Theater professionally.”

Dreaming to one day be on Broadway herself. Megan Raab was beyond excited to learn a routine from a dancer in the well-known Broadway show and hopes to one day join her under the lights.

“It’s really amazing.  It’s such a cool opportunity to get to work with her and see her on stage later so it’s like you get closer to the show,” said Megan Raab.

Students from 24 area schools will be attending the matinee performance of “42nd street” tomorrow.

For more information on the show, head over to http://www.broadwayutica.com/.

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