Utica Common Council calls for a special meeting


UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY-TV) — The Utica Common Council will be holding a special meeting, tomorrow Sept 8 to redo and pass a resolution calling for a public hearing for the sale of the Kennedy Parking Garage. The common council already approved the sale for the garage during their Sept 1 meeting and held a public hearing during the same meeting, but an administrative error has caused the city to call for a redo.

“We sold the property,” Celeste Friend, Member of the Common Council said. “We passed the ordinance to authorize the mayor to sell the property, all good, then the day after we get an email from the OD informing us that oops they never placed the notification for the public hearing that would authorize us to go ahead and sell this property.”

The Observer-Dispatch is the paper of record for the common council, every two years, the council declares what paper will be their paper of record, the place where they put all of their legal notices. 

“And after we had sold the property and again I’m putting that in quotes because we didn’t really,” Friend explained. “After we did all that we found out that in fact, those legal processes weren’t legitimate because the public had not been properly notified because the OD forgot to place our notification.”

According to city law, the public must be given a 10-day notification that there will be a public hearing for the sale of city property and since the OD failed to place the notification for the Sept 1 hearing, technically the public wasn’t given the proper notice.

“It turns out we simply need a simple redo,” Friend said. “We just need a do-over.”

This do-over will take place on Sept 22.

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