Utica College Unveils New “Super” Smart Classroom


At Utica College’s Clark City Center location, traditional ways of learning are meeting the future.

“To the best of our knowledge, we’re the first institution in upstate NY to actually make the investment in this type of classroom,” Dr. James Norrie, Dean of Business and Justice Studies at UC, said, referring to their new “super” smart classroom. “It’s a fairly sophisticated piece of technology.”

The new classroom allows students to join in-person or via webcam from anywhere in the world.

“I work full time, so it’s be nice if I’m out of town on business,” Francesca Dunlevy, a MBA student, said. “I don’t have to be in the classroom. I can just log in remotely and be part of it. Or, if I’m in a meeting, say I’m taking a client out for dinner and I can’t be in the class at all, I can still have access to it,” she added. 

Stephanie Nesbitt, the Director of the MBA program at the college, says students utilizing the classroom are coming from all over.

“We have students coming to us from Georgia,” Nesbitt said. “We have students coming to us from the Ohio are. We have students from the local area. And New York and Syracuse. So we have a pretty good reach already with the program.”

And an even larger and even more advanced smart classroom is already being built.

“On a January day in Upstate NY, not a lot of people dream of coming to Utica, so the technology and great facilities allow us to take the great education we offer around the globe and this is just the third day of classes, so it’s just a great opportunity,” Nesbitt said.

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