Utica City School District Accountability


The Utica City School District Board of Education held a special meeting this evening.  On the future of the city’s schools and their state accountability status.  Eyewitness News Reporter Nicole Todd has the details.

Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School went from a struggling school to a focus school.  Proctor has moved up to become a school in good standing.

“Overall the district did very well in moving in a very positive direction, we showed a lot of improvement this last year to this year with the standings changing like that.”

There are areas of concern. Kernan is now downgraded to priority status, while the district’s two middle schools are both on the focus list.

“There are some options in there that we are going to have to take a look at because under state law and regulation we have to choose one of them.  So we will definitely be discussing that and moving on in the future and choose an option and the Board of Education will approve and then move on from there and get it implemented for September of ’16.

Kernan students performed in the 6th percentile, ranking it among the lowest achieving schools in New York State.  So what’s next?  Kernan will have to implement a whole school reform model.

There are four options.

Turnaround-replace the principal and half the staff.  Restart-convert to a charter school.  Transformation-replace the principal, but keep staff and put them on a performance review…  And lastly, closure.

However, superintendent Karam says Kernan school will not close.  Eyewitness news will continue to follow the future of Kernan and of the District as a whole.

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