UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Utica Board of Education has voted for David Testa to be appointed to the seat left vacant by Anthony LaPolla after he resigned earlier this week amid questions about his residency.

“Since we just had an election with six people we basically kinda went down the line after the first two were elected a third person was Jack LoMedico who I had a conversation with who decided he did not want to serve the next one was David Testa who decided to serve,” said Robert Cardillo, Vice-President of Utica Board of Education.

The vote passed with 4 members in favor and only two voting no. The other options included having another election, which would cost the district 25 to 50 thousand dollars, or they could also leave the spot vacant. Cardillo explains that after a discussion the board decided that appointing an immediate replacement was the best option for not only the school board but the district as a whole.

“It seems to be pretty fair because we just had an election so these people all obviously wanted to be on the board so why not let somebody who has already run and not pick somebody from the outside,” said Cardillo.

Testa will serve the remainder of LaPolla’s term, which is one year, and will be sworn in within the coming days.