UPDATE 2 – NYSP Investigator Takes The Stand In Murder Trial

NYSP Inv Testifies WoL_1467132640982.jpg

Investigator Danielle Kendall said she was called to the Emergency Room of St. Luke’s hospital in New Hartford on October 12, 2015. There had been a suspicious death and she was to assist in the investigation. ]

The victim was Lucas Leonard, 19 years old at the time of his death. Inv. Kendall described his injuries. She said Leonard was very, very bruised. He was purple. There was dried blood and there was a hole in his penis. “It was unlike any other injury.” She told the court.

Kendall testified that, at the Word of Life Church on Oneida Street in Chadwicks, she discovered an electrical power cord. Kendall said the cord was folded and not coiled like others hanging on the wall. She noticed that the prongs were bent. Kendall collected the cord as evidence. She also collected other pieces of evidence.

After the recess, Inv. Kendall was asked about the layout of the Word of Life Church, where the beatings took place. During cross examination, Kendall reported that several weapons were found in the church, including a grenade and rifles.

Following Inv. Kendall’s testimony, State Police forensic expert Kim Stoddard took the stand. Her testimony centered on places where they tested and found blood. Stoddard was followed by another forensic expert, Cheryl Moorhead. She testifies on DNA discoveries on evidence. Moorhead says that test results on the power cord found DNA from Christopher Leonard and Lucas Leonard. She says that the DNA of the Leonard brothers was also present in samples taken from Sarah Ferguson’s sweater.

Testimony will continue Wednesday for, what the judge told reporters will be a full day of testimony.

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