Uncle Ben’s ‘Ben’s Beginners’ contest could help Rome school


Cooking has always been something the Arazu’s like to do as a family.

“We like to cook together, we eat together, we do [mostly] everything together,” said Vivian Arazu.

Because of this, Vivian said she wasn’t surprised when her son Gerald asked her to enter an Uncle Ben’s cooking contest, called Ben’s Beginners, which encourages families to cook together.

“Cooking together and eating together binds the family together,” she said.

And for Gerald, he knew right away what he wanted to make for the contest: his favorite food, rice and stew.

“‘Cause the rice tastes good and the stew tastes better,” he said.

“It didn’t surprise me because it’s something we do. Almost in a week, we’ll cook rice and stew twice or three times, so it’s just something we do almost every time,” Vivian said.

It took only four days before the Arazu’s found out they’re among the 25 finalists, and Gerald said he was happy as soon as he found out. Why?

“‘Cause I could tell my friends,” he said.

Now the Arazu’s are looking for help to win the contest and a prize of $15,000 and a $30,000 dollar school cafeteria makeover, which would benefit Gansevoort Elementary School in Rome.

“It’s going to go through a lot of processes like people voting, they’ll look at the creativity, they’ll look at everything around the contest; they have rules for the contest,” Vivian said.

You can vote for Gerald’s recipe until Nov. 6, right on Uncle Ben’s website.

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