Uber in Utica: What exactly is it?


Uber could soon be on its way to the Utica area.

But you might be wondering exactly what the company does and why it’s important the ride sharing app is an alternative to taking a taxi allowing a user to request a car to come pick them up.

But the drivers use their own cars and there’s no cash exchanged, Uber uses the credit card through the app.

If Uber does make its way into the area, taxi companies would be impacted the most, so Eyewitness News contacted nearly every taxi owner in the area, none would speak on camera, but one owner said she thought Uber presented a safety problem. 

But a study by the Cato Institute this past January found that Uber’s driver background checks are often stricter than most taxi companies, and their insurance requirements compare favorably also.

And Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri says that more options aren’t necessarily bad for the Mohawk Valley.

“I think what happens is that competition breeds competition, so I think there’s going to be some people will use Uber and some will use the taxi companies.”

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