U.K. COVID Variants in New York State: Research Suggests It’s More Contagious


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR-TV) — Multiple COVID variants have been circulating around the world for months and now they’re showing up in the U.S. Here in New York State, the governor’s office confirmed the presence of the U.K. variant. So far, scientists suggest this strain is more contagious.

“We know that that is more infectious. The range of increased ability to infect people is somewhere between 30 and 50%.”Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

In a study done earlier this month by The Lancet Infectious Diseases they found that even though it’s more transmissible, this variant doesn’t cause more severe symptoms. It also doesn’t cause more deaths. Dr. Hall says the good news is that the vaccines can still protect against the U.K. variant.

“All of the vaccines that we’re currently using in the united states are effective from keeping people from getting severe disease from that variant. And really form the other variants too.” – Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

Right now there aren’t any confirmed cases of the U.K. variant in Oneida County but, Dr. Hall says it’s just a matter of time. Which is why he continues to stress the importance of getting vaccinated.

“We need to reach out to our friends, to our neighbors, to our communities and say when you vaccinate you protect yourself and you protect everybody else.” – Dr. Kent Hall, Chief Physician Executive, MVHS

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