Two Types of Pros


Early Friday morning amateur motocross riders pulled out their bikes, and took to the track at Unadilla. Those racing today will never set foot on the actual home of horsepower. Instead they’ll go around back and compete on a separate course. Cicero native Jesse Deryke knows this drive. And says it always acted as an incentive to get to the next level; “The amateur track is one of our local district races. So I’ve always driven right by the pro track to race the amateur track out back. And you drive by looking at it thinking, some day. some day it will happen.”

For many the scouts start knocking before the racers reach high school. As was the case for current 450 series pro Jason Anderson; “11/12 is when you definitely kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel. You can see, you’re good, you have talent, you’re racing the top people in the world. And you’re up there.”

Currently 6th in the polls. Anderson has run with his opportunity. But admits, it came with added pressures; “Before it’s like people see talent and stuff, and an opportunity. But now you’re expected to deliver you know?” Explained Anderson,  “We get paid to do a job. And it’s more work now than kind of having fun and kind of it just being a hobby that could turn good.”

Alongside Anderson will be fellow pro Jesse Deryke.  The Cicero native represents the other half of the field, which balances both racing and an every day job;  “It was nice to be home all week and not have to worry about travel and all that. And I got to work a full week at work so next week my paycheck wont be short.”

Deryke is trying to build off his 2013 conquest where he missed the cut by 3 spots. Although the finish didn’t cost him a sponsor, he said it was still a tough pill to swallow; “I mean I think about it all the time. It’s something I’ve trained my whole life to do . And when you don’t its a let down. You just take the punches as they come and you move on from it.”

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