Two Active Searches Ongoing On Oneida Lake For Missing Swimmers


Two in 24 Hours

There are two searches still active on Oneida Lake, looking for two missing swimmers in separate incidents. The first call came in on Friday evening, a swimmer jumped off a boat on the lake in the South Bay area. They went underwater, but did not resurface. Saturday afternoon, another report came in of a swimmer lost on the west end of the lake, in Onondaga County. 

Water rescue teams worked Friday night from late evening until dark, when the search was called off. Early Saturday morning, divers were back at it as the operation shifted from rescue to recovery. As of late Saturday afternoon, the first search had not been successful in finding the missing swimmer. About 3:00PM came a report of another missing swimmer. The first search was suspended and first responders shifted to the second search.

The second search is focused around Frenchman Island and Dunham Island, near Cicero in Onondaga County. A man, reported to be in his 60s, jumped off a pontoon boat and has not resurfaced. 

Details concerning the identity of the first swimmer has not been released by the Oneida County Sheriff Department. A surface patrol was maintained at the location of the first incident. Divers will return to continue the search Sunday. 

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