Turbo Upgrades Frankfort Facility


The Mohawk Valley welcomed several new jobs Tuesday- after a local manufacturing plant made a hefty new investment.

For the cost of $1,000,000  Turbo Machined Products in Frankfort has purchased over a dozen new machines they hope will place them on the manufacturing map.

Aeronautical production in the Mohawk valley has just received an upgrade.

“We are having an open house to recognize our recent expansion where we purchased $1,000,000 dollars worth of equipment with the help of Gov. Cuomo’s C.F.A grant. ” Bob Cartmell, General Manager at Turbo Machined Products said.

16 new pieces of equipment will be used to create power generation technology along with parts for aircraft engines.

” We load the raw piece of stock into the machine, and the machine calls up the different tool bits and cuts the finished product for us. This would make about 20-30 parts per day. With our old equipment it might take 2-3 times as long to make it. so this new equipment is helping us with our throughput, helping to make the parts more accurate and faster.” Cartmell said.

And even though the products are now being made at faster speeds- officials with Turbo says buyers have no need to worry about it effecting quality. After complete- each component is placed onto a measurement machine- where the probe element moves piece by piece to make sure no errors were made.

“The edges are very critical to the aircraft performance so it takes a lot of time checking the leading and trailing edge of the component as well as the entire airflow and shape. Every time we invest a dollar in manufacturing the economy grows by a dollar forty which is the highest bang for your buck in our economy. As we keep growing and these engine manufactures continue to come to us we are looking to expand more and more.” Cartmell said.

CEO John Kabot announced the new technology has already landed the company deals with G.E, and Mitsubishi regional jet.

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