Trial For Man Charged with Killing Deputy Wyman Begins

Trial For Man Charged with Killing Deputy Wyman Begins_-3009660100174921529

The trial is getting underway for Christian Patterson, the man charged with killing Oneida County Sheriff’sDeputy Kurt Wyman.  Monday was spent picking jurors for thetrial.  Judge Barry Donalty, theprosecution, and defense spent a good amount time questioning potentialjurors.  Among those questions, thedefense asked jurors if they would feel any pressure during the trial with lawenforcement officers present.  Because ofthe nature of the case, it’s expected that many law enforcement officers willbe attending for the duration of the trial.

Christian Patterson is charged with aggravated murder withthe intent to cause death of Sheriff’s Deputy Kurt Wyman.  He’s also charged with attempted murderinvolving two other officials, criminal possession of a weapon, and harassment. 

Deputy Wyman was shot back in June as officials attemptedto take Patterson into custody.  Pattersonwas involved in a domestic incident prior to a six hour standoff with officials,which led to the death of Deputy Wyman.

Deputy Wyman joined the sheriff’s office in 2007.  He was serving as a patrol deputy at thesheriff’s Waterville field office. Deputy Wyman is survived by his wife, two children, parents, and sister.

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